Delta Cafe-Bar and restaurant

Delta Cafe-Bar and restaurant

kathyBy Kathy Martin…

Having written a few restaurant reviews, decided it was time I wrote about another of my favourite lunch time venues, namely the Delta Cafe-Bar and restaurant. This is hidden away in the New Harbour area. The first time Alistair and I found it was probably in 2006 when we were exploring our new home environs.



Having driven down from the roundabout, to the Lemani, south of the Bellapais traffic lights, we were very unsure if we were allowed into this gated area (no gates any more since the new Lord’s Palace Casino has opened), however, there was a huge board advertising the Delta Bar and no-one stopped us, so we drove on into the area.

The Delta Cafe-Bar and restaurant is located in the bottom right corner of the first parking area on the right hand side, near a taxi office.

Jon, Alex, Alistair and Kathy in May 2015

Jon, Alex, Alistair and Kathy in May 2015

Recep Fındık has been the owner since 1997, recently (in May 2016) re-furbished his whole bar, both inside and out. Very smart new outside tables and chairs now sit on his outside area.

Delta cafe-bar balcony

Delta cafe-bar balcony

This is on two levels, with those tables and chairs on the lower level allowing customers to feed the fish that populate the marina!

Delta CafeHis menu includes typical sea food dishes (fish and calamares) and typical snack meals, such as soups, kebabs, chicken or meat wraps, burgers, egg and chips (proper chips not pre-fab!) along with an excellent “Menu of the day” (18tl). Assorted “sote” and “juicy” dishes!

menu4This “Menu of the day” has allowed me to try a variety of local delicacies, all of which I have found to be very tasty. In the winter they are accompanied by rice, but now in the summer, by a salad.

Menu of the day 3The prices are very reasonable and vegetarians might find their choice somewhat limited, but should hopefully find something to satisfy them.

As a disabled person (walking with a stick) I have no difficulty getting from my car into the cafe-bar. The loo is slightly tricky, with a high step, but manageable!

Opening hours are advertised as all day.

shipsTelephone numbers are: 0392 815 8232 and Recep’s mobile number is 0533 860 0365

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