My personal review of the NCCCT coffee morning at Panta Restaurant, Çatalköy on 11 October 2016

kathyBy Kathy Martin…

Another great charity, NCCCT (Northern Cyprus Cancer Trust), have started up their monthly coffee mornings. Have to admit the venue was the attraction, as this is a restaurant I have wanted to visit for a long time, but not very keen on driving at night.

T1-pantahe Panta restaurant, serving traditional Thai, Chinese and Japanese food, is very near the Supreme supermarket in Çatalköy / Ayios Epiktitos.

We had a beautiful sunny day. At the end of the event, I spoke to the very nice lady (sorry, forgot to ask her name) who sat taking all our 10tl entry money and she was delighted to report that 113 people attended. She said that this number is far higher than the usual 90 or so that attend. So we both said that we hoped this bodes well for a successful 2016/17 winter season for the charity.

2-panta-groupCarole Llloyd was on hand to sell the raffle tickets at 5tl a strip and a lovely American lady was selling her 50/50 tickets i.e. for every 5tl ticket sold 2.50tl goes to the winner and 2.50tl to NCCCT.

Cansev, Kathy, Pam and Levanta enjoying ourselves

Cansev, Kathy, Pam and Levanta enjoying ourselves

The Panta did us proud with cakes and coffee, not forgetting the delicious spring rolls!

The official report, published here in Cyprusscene, will disclose how much money they raised, towards helping Northern Cyprus Cancer Trust buy items for the various hospitals here in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

These events are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month through the winter with local restaurants providing the coffee and cakes, for free, allowing NCCCT to use all money collected towards the essential raison d’etre of the charity.

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