Invitation to Frozen Cypriots meeting in Girne/Kyrenia on 17 June 2017

By Kathy Martin…

Several Frozen Cypriot (FC) friends have given me their dates for visiting Girne / Kyrenia this summer, and suggested that we arrange another gathering of members and friends from the Frozen Cypriots group (for people who still don’t know: all this means is that we are trying to keep alive the memories of Cypriots, from all around the world, who love this little island, Cyprus, in the Mediterranean).

This time one FC suggested that we meet at the Café Deniz Bistro & Bar (Karakum) Girne / Kyrenia which is only a short distance from the centre of Girne / Kyrenia and sits right on the edge of the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea.

Directions: Coming out of Girne on the road towards Özanköy / Gazafana & Çatalköy / Ayios Epiktitos, go past Grand Pasha Casino (on your left) . Take the left turn towards the sea between Lastik Tyres & Comfy Petshop, follow the road down the hill, and over the speed bumps. When you reach the bottom of the road and you see the sea, you will find Café Deniz on the right hand side.

We all look forward to seeing many of our Frozen Cypriot friends – or anyone else who fancies coming along to have a chat. We will use the same system for paying as used last year i.e. everyone will pay up front when they order their drinks and/or food, so whether you just want a quick drink or stay for the whole afternoon you will only pay for your own items.

Here is an article about this delightful cafe Click here

Here are the links to the three Girne / Kyrenia meetings of the Facebook Frozen Cypriots group in 2016

19th May 2016 Click here

24th May 2016 Click here

15th October 2016 Click here

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