My World

Welcome to my world

I was born on the 8th May 1953 in Winchester, Hampshire.  At 6 weeks my mother and I joined my father in Takoradi, up country from the capital Accra, The Gold Coast.  (The Gold Coast was a British colony on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa that became the independent nation of Ghana in 1957.)

Kathy Martin lrgWe returned to Winchester for the birth of my sister, Angela Frances (born 8th November 1954).  In early 1955 Daddy (who joined Unilever’s United Africa Branch in 1934-ish when he was 20-ish) was transferred to Nairobi, Kenya and my baby sister Bridget Mary was born on 6 February 1957.  Followed by Michael Lawrence More (a family name, as apparently we are direct descendants of St Thomas More) was born on 28 July 1958, he weighed 11lbs 12oz the heaviest baby ever born in the hospital.  Mummy checked this, in 1970, after we moved to Uganda.  I spoke kitchen Swahili and in later years, when watching a film where Swahili was used, found I could understand quite a few of the words!

Kathy and Alistair

Kathy and Alistair enjoying Beef Haleem at the Happy Valley in Çatalköy

After school and training to be a NNEB nanny, I was not happy being away from Africa and the friends from Uganda convinced me that as a white girl on my own, Rhodesia would be a safe place to live.

In middle of August 1974 at the age of 21, I flew to Bulawayo, via Johannesburg, as no direct flights were allowed.

Started working at the Avis desk in Bulawayo airport, Laura. Security lady, assured me that she had the perfect match for me, but that he was “back home” (i.e. in UK) and once he returned she would make sure I met him.  This turned out to be Alistair George Martin!!!!!!!!!

Alistair and I married on 27th March 1976 in Bulawayo and over the coming weeks my blogs will tell you about the wonderful life I spent with Alistair and the journeys we had!  Including visits to Spain, Italy, Germany Japan, Hong Kong before telling you why we ended up moving to live in Northern Cyprus in 2006.




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